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About us

After planning with many travel guide books and maps, wasting numerous hours searching for and booking on silo platforms, our family had an idea for a more efficient online travel office.  We travelled to many beautiful and interesting places such as South Africa, Tanzania-Zanzibar, Peru; Machu Picchu-Cusco, Ecuador-Galapagos Islands, Utah Parks-Las Vegas-California, Kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo, Hong Kong-Suzhou-Shanghai.

Every occasion it was a very time consuming venture to find and book various travel products that allowed an enjoyable travel journey at an affordable cost. After spending hours and days planning the football World Cup championship in Russia travelling to various cities from Rostov-on-Don, Samara, St. Petersburg to Moscow, the idea was born and became a project.

Not long after travelplanbooker.com became a reality, Joshua Dunne joined and was tasked with fine tuning the customer experience and sourcing and leading a team of software engineers to develop what is proudly the world’s first all-in-one online travel planning and booking tool. Josh’s strong project management experience and extensive knowledge of the travel industry, both as a travel agent and an avid traveler proved to be important strengths that helped the project move from ‘project mode’ to going live.

What we stand for

Travelling is supposed to be an escape from your everyday life. You’ve worked hard, saved up, allowed yourself to dream a little. And now it’s time to book. The web offers a flood of information regarding travel. Planning a trip is therefore often a stressful matter. This is where we can help by simplifying your travel planning massively with our “all in one” system. On travelplanbooker.com you can arrange your entire trip comfortably and stress-free. Book transportation, accommodation as well as rental cars and attractions on just one website. We compare the different options based on the current prices and present you the best offers. At the same time, we provide you with information about your desired destination and thus replace a printed travel guide. Create the travel of your dreams and save yourself time, money and stress.

travelplanbooker.com is a family-owned, pure online travel agency, which offers intuitive, inspirational and informative customised travel with the best value for money.

Who we are

travelplanbooker.com is a division of the family owned, online travel agency, mytravelHIT Ltd.

The travelplanbooker.com homepage offers customers intuitive, inspirational, informative and cost optimised journeys. You search, plan and book your dream trip, all in one place.

Hess family on Safari in Tansania: Christina, Ruedi, Irene, Stephanie and Dominic all live in Zurich Switzerland and are co-founders and majority shareholders of travelplanbooker.com.

Joshua Dunne, CEO, co-founder and shareholder of travelplanbooker.com enjoying a short weekend in Porto

Our Approach

You choose your own route on the basis of the pre-planned trips and suggestions on travelplanbooker.com and compare prices from various suppliers.
Unlike the well-known travel agencies, travelplanbooker.com has no pre-printed, pre-planned itineraries that cannot be modified. It also has no catalogues or contractual arrangements with providers of flights or accommodation.
We want to present you the best offers, therefore we only work together with renowned industry providers such as Swiss International Airlines, Easyjet, Ibis Hotels etc.
Mastercard is our partner of trust when it comes to online payments. Your money is in safe hands.

travelplanbooker.com clearly distinguishes itself from the well-known “silo” booking platforms. We offer you a dynamic travel program so that you can arrange your trip easily in one tool and create unforgettable memories.

We work as an intermediary, presenting you with the best offers from various travel providers. You can search, plan, book and pay for your dream holiday, all within your set budget.

Invite friends

Would you like to invite your friends to plan, search and book together with you? If so, share your screen via Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

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We are looking for team players with travel agency experience, plus regional and geographical know how. Speaking two or more languages is beneficial while English a must. You work as an independent consultant and can make an additional income.

• Work independent, be your own boss, you can have other jobs besides

• Have travel consulting experience, an established home office with an online infrastructure or access to a furnished travel office

• Comfortable to spend time with customers for consultation. Have a flair to treat and respect the differences of wishes, viewpoints and characters of customers.

• Well versed with travel opportunities, geographical and destination know how, OTA activities and information technology

• Be a team player and contribute positively to the team spirit of travelplanbooker.com

• Languages are a plus, good knowledge of your local/regional languages and English a must

• Have full responsibility for all your own income, expenses, taxes, social costs and legalities in your country

• travelplanbooker.com is not responsible for any legalities, taxes, financial dealings or liabilities

• Respect the quality standard of travelplanbooker.com, consult customers accordingly

Interested, view more information here.

Send your resume and application letter to: backoffice@travelplanbooker.com



• What do I need to plan, select and book a full travel experience on travelplanbooker.com?

• Do I need travel insurance?

• Who do you contact in an emergency?

• We are an intermediary, you book directly with all travel service providers, see GTC

• Choose the currency and language

• How to book baggage?

• How to enter frequent flyer nr. To earn miles?

• How to select your seat in flights?

What do I need to plan, select and book a full travel experience on travelplanbooker.com

Please have ready:

passports of all travellers.

For booking your flights, you will require all traveller’s passports, with their passport number and personal information, such as date of birth.

valid credit or debit cards

When planning your trip, you’ll see the cost for transport, accommodation and any activities per person, as well as the total amount. You have full control over your total spend by selecting costs, that suit your budget. Your trip only becomes a fixed booking when fully paid. (Sufficient credit card limit required for booking, also see split payments across multiple cards)

• an e-mail address

• a mobile phone number

Do I need travel insurance?

If you have an annual travel insurance policy, your trip booked with us may be covered and we recommend that you contact your insurance provider. If you do not have an annual travel insurance policy, once you have completed your travel schedule and booked your travel journey with us, you can also cover yourself with a travel insurance policy with our partner. Please see the insurance coverage link in our booking process. Please also be aware that any pandemic is normally not covered by travel insurance.

We are an intermediary, you book directly with all travel service providers, see GTC

We provide you with a worldwide travel map. Our planning page with map, route planned, country information and pictures is a comprehensive travel guide. It not only replaces a travel guidebook, but you can choose and select the places to travel to on the map, with the full information available online. The essential travel guide tells you all about the country regulations and the ever present health and safety situation in actual time. You select and book directly with the travel service provider.

Please be aware that all providers use dynamic prices which change frequently and without pre-notice. You therefore are advised to book and pay immediately to not miss out on a good offer. Commissions don’t affect the prices you pay—they remain the same whether you plan, select, book and pay on our site or on booking silo platforms.

Who do you contact in an emergency?

• If it is an accident please contact your insurance company.

• If it is a product related question, please contact the provider in your itinerary.

Choose the currency and language

Please choose/change your currency and language on the travelplanbooker.com homepage before starting to plan and book your trip, because on the next pages (planning and customise) you’ll be unable to change the currency or language.

How to book baggage?

At the end of your booking process, you are asked to book baggage, when not included in carriers service.  Or you can book extra baggage.

How to enter frequent flyer nr. to earn miles?

After receipt of your booking details and booking number from your selected flight carrier, enter your frequent flyer number directly into the carrier’s flight document. Or at the check-in desk, make sure to have your frequent flyer number ready, to submit it with the check-in desk agent. Please be aware that you can earn miles, but not spend or pay for your flights with miles on travelplanbooker.com.

How to select your seat in flights?

After receipt of your booking details and booking number from your selected flight carrier, you can access the flight carrier documents. There you can select your seat, however, usually at an extra cost.

Additional taxes

Additional taxes, such as city taxes, could be added to the final fee.