For your most efficient and cost-effective travel journey or trip arrangements, we are contracted as an intermediate online travel office with a wide range of reliable and well-known travel service providers.
We offer the most comprehensive linked travel arrangements as an intermediary.

For planning your dream holiday or a cost-effective trip, we have all the information on cities, the culture, sightseeing and attractions, as well as nature spots such as beaches and mountains, presented on maps, with accompanying pictures too. It’s the ultimate travel guide for selecting the places to stay and to plan your activities.

Linked travel arrangements (LTAs) are travel services that are bought from different suppliers or traders in separate contracts but are linked to one travel or trip. They are classed as linked when one supplier or trader facilitates the booking of the subsequent services, and they are purchased for the purpose of the same trip or travel.
Linked travel arrangements only apply if the combination of travel services does not constitute a package and a supplier facilitates the:

• Booking on the basis of a single visit or contact with his/her point of sale, e.g. during one visit to a travel agent, or
• second booking, which is made in a targeted manner and the conclusion of a contract for the second travel service from another supplier is made within 24 hours of the confirmation of the booking of the first travel service.

A combination of one travel service such as transport, accommodation or hiring a rental car plus a tourist service such as guided tour or admission to a concert can only be classed as a linked travel arrangement if the additional service accounts for 25% or more of the overall value of the trip or is an essential feature of the trip.
You as our customer have been offered a linked travel arrangement. See our GTC (general terms and conditions), consult the individual general terms and conditions (GTC) of each service provider, outlining the key rights.