Whether enjoying a revitalising dip in the surf or relaxing on pristine white sands under the shade of a swaying palm tree, beach holidays provide something for everyone. It can be difficult though to know exactly which destination is the right one for your preferences – is romantic seclusion or a more party vibe your thing? Pounding waves or glassy tranquil water? Why not a bit of everything? Here are five countries with such a variety of coastal options they’re guaranteed to satisfy all your beach-hopping desires.


The Mexican coast, where lush green forests and wonders of ancient civilisations give way to swaying palms and the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific and Caribbean. Whether it’s the world-renowned surf paradise of Baja California or Tulum’s spectacular Mayan ruins Mexico has a variety of beaches to suit both hardy water sport adventurers and romantic sunset strollers. If you ever grow tired of exploring the endless supply of sea and sand head inland and immerse yourself in centuries worth of stunning architecture, archaeological wonders, and vivacious Latin culture. Aside from the beauty of the coastline any trip to Mexico is incomplete without sampling some of the country’s famously spicy cuisine.

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If there’s one country that knows how to enjoy life it’s the Aussies! Relax in the beach bar with an ice-cold beer or learn to surf in the one the country’s rugged surf beaches – few places in the world enjoy as much surf infrastructure as Australia. From Sydney’s world-renowned Bondi Beach to New South Wales’ Byron Bay the beach is where much of the Australian life revolves around. Beaches aside Australia is also home to one of the most unique and diverse biospheres in the world – see kangaroos and koalas in the wild or take the ferry from Perth to Rottnest Island and meet the furry Quokka natives! Culturally, modern Australia is much more than just beers and BBQs; the country has absorbed much of their East Asian neighbours’ cuisines and enjoys some of the best ranges of wine in the world. 

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Sun, sea and samba; with 8,000 kilometres of coastline, it’s fair to say Brazil has a beach to suit all tastes. Few beaches in the world are as iconic as Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana, where pearly white sand and sky-blue waters border one of the most energetic and colourful urban landscapes in the world. With so many potential locations escaping the bustle, finding some peace and quiet needn’t be a problem. Lagoinha de Leste beach in the state of Santa Catarina can only be reached by either boat or an hour-long hike, while Cacadaço beach, near the town of Paraty, is only accessible by hiking through the lush, verdant rainforest that encircles it. Further afield the archipelago of Fernando De Noronha is an ecologically protected national park with only a limited number of visitors allowed at any one time. It’s worth the trip for the sheer abundance of marine life that populates its waters.

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Take one look at Thailand’s geography and tropical location and it’s obvious it’s one of the best beach hopping destinations in the world. Immaculate sands, thick jungle, grand temples and enough islands to satisfy any island hopper. While famous as a backpacker party paradise there are plenty of isolated beaches where visitors can relax and find their spiritual zen. The Phi Phi islands, made famous by the movie The Beach, are renowned for their spectacular cliffs, dense jungle, and colourful marine life – scuba diving or snorkelling here is a must. Likewise, Koh Tao, an hour and a half by boat from Koh Pha Ngan and it’s infamous Full Moon Party, offers a similarly tropical setting, with turquoise waters, coral reefs and jungle-blanketed hills.

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A country as beautiful as it is historically fascinating. Nha Trang on the country’s south coast is probably Vietnam’s best-known beach destination, owing not only to its beaches but it’s closeness to the bustling city itself. Restaurants, cafes and shops are within easy reach of the turquoise waters. Ferries run regular trips to the nearby islands. If calming seclusion is what you’re after, try Long Beach, on the island of Phu Quoc; white sands, peacock blue waters teeming with wildlife, coconut palms – it’s the quintessential paradise escape. Da Nang meanwhile, on Vietnam’s east coast offers an incredible mix of beaches, mountainous landscapes and history. The ancient My Son temple complex is not far away, nor is The Imperial City, the country’s capital during the Nguyễn dynasty. 

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Each of these destinations has its own distinctive flavour and character. One guarantee though is there’s enough variety of beach locations and styles in each country to suit all tastes, especially if you allow yourself the flexibility to travel through a few different places. Choose your country, plan a route and get beach-hopping!

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